No Cast devices found

  • Good afternoon

    I am able to cast on my PC via Youtube and my IOS devices perfectly but when trying to send via Videostream on my PC all I get is "No Devices Found.

    • Installed **BOTH **Google Cast & Google Cast (Beta) extensions - Can't find Chromecasts with either

    • If i go to the "Options" screen of the cast extension I can see both Chromcasts on my network under "Available Cast Devices"

    Tried searching for a similar topic but the search function here is terrible.

  • Had this problem recently, and fixed it by resetting winsock (I think this only works for Windows 7 and above)

    Open CMD as admin

    you can get at that from the start button (right click in Windows 8.1)


    netsh winsock reset

    and hit RETURN

    Restart computer

    It worked for me, anyway, but YMMV!

    This link gives more details

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