Router settings for possible stuttering/buffering/lagging fix

  • Greetings users and Devs alike. After doing some major tweaking with my computer settings, my router, etc etc to see if I could fix the stuttering problem I think I may have found a fix after I completely determined it was not my CPU or memory being maxed out I started to tweak with my router. Please try this.

    Under your wireless settings make sure your router is set to either channel 1 or channel 11, disabling "auto" should be something you do anyways because the router sometimes will put it self in mid channels like channel 2-5 and 7-10. These mid channels bleed into other channels like channel 1, 6, and 11. If auto is not on, channel 6 is the default channel for 99% of routers and its generally over populated due to most people never fine tuning their router. I found issues on my router with channel 11 because of my neighbor living in close proximity using that channel so I use channel 1. Second, set your router channel width to 20MHz also disabling "auto". I know 40MHz in theory will get you better speed and is required for 802.11n 2.4ghz but its far more susceptible to data loss and we're trying to optimize our wireless signal for the best most stable connection. I hope this can help a few of you out there. I found this to work on both my Linksys E1000V1 2.4ghz and my TPLink 3600 V1 dual band. Also confirmed that this will work on DD-WRT, Open WRT, Tomato, Linksys and TPLink default firmware. I'm going to try going wireless to wireless soon to see if it lags more over wireless but so far so good for everything else.

    Please do not ask me how to configure your routers for this stuff because there are far to many routers with variations of their firmware layout being different on them all. I am just sharing what has given me the best results. I'd like to hear back from people to see if this helped them like it helped me. I've been able to play every variation of video file with zero complications other than the minor bugs with the android app.

    If you need to analyze the wifi in your area to help you chose what channel to use by default on your router, there is great programs for that.
    Wifi Analyzer for Android
    Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector for Windows
    I don't have a Mac or an iPhone so unfortunately I can't help you with those.

  • Do you know what port Videostream uses? QoS would help.

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