Videostream won't let me cast to T.V

  • I've been trying to watch a movie that I downloaded and 1 of 2 things happen each time I try to cast it to my T.V.

    1. It tells me it can't find a chromecast, and asks if it is connected to wifi (it is).
      It tells me that I need to try and uninstall the videostream thing and something else, but I have
      no clue how to do that because I just suck at all this technology stuff.

    2. It will let me cast it to my T.V. but it buffers for a second and then goes to the black screen
      with the Videostream logo on it and tells me to come to this website for support.

    Also, it is pretty terrible about freezing up during movies and stuff. I have perfect wifi signal, and if there is a way to fix it, please help! Thanks!

  • Videostream guys will need to understand your system and what you have, have you allowed Videostream though the firewall, do you have the Chromecast installed and have you put in your wireless password that setup in your router, is your TV Wifi enabled or is it Bluetooth, Run the Home network trouble shooter under um is that Networks are you Mac, Window XX or Unix XX. . What formats can your TV receive wirelessly, is it the MKV or MP4 open the manual, are you connected with a wire or wireless. Come on girl it takes time to get this crap down, gota learn this shit, or you will be stuck to cable all your life. You also have to allow it though all of your antivirus programs, and your firewall program, yea its hell and a pain but we all have to deal with it.

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