Small Businesses Influencer Marketing Ideas & Strategies For The COVID-19 Pandemic

  • As the devastating COVID-19 pandemic swept through the world like a viral hurricane devastating the world and everyone in it, small and local businesses have taken arguably the most catastrophic blow of all.

    Although the combination of small business loans and government grants provided by an army of small business development centers and corporate branches dedicated to combating this economical disease has helped soften this blow, a new question has emerged for small and local businesses worldwide – how do you advertise your business locally during this disastrous pandemic, where so many of your potential customers are isolated and are staying at home.

    When we think of small businesses we usually think of companies we would see advertising on the bus shelters and transit, billboards and posters, and luring our senses through a mixture of attractive decor and unforgettable scents and smells. These companies could include your neighborhood bakery, that real estate agent who helped you buy your first house, or even that lawyer that helped you start your small business.

    The traditional advertising strategies and techniques that have shaped our society over the past decades have helped grow businesses large and small while targeting customers within local markets and global markets alike. While the traditional OOH and transit advertising is surely a great and reliable way to reach your target market and create brand awareness, in the currently unpredictable state of the pandemic a lot of advertising has shifted online as the companies involved in online streaming, shopping, communication, and social media are showing explosive growth during this time of crisis.

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