The Exclusive Mandate, the best way to sell your property !

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    As is common practice in the US, here in Nice, the majority of transactions are made through the MLS (Multi-listing Service) network.

    The MLS, is an extensive network of local agencies, over 450 in the region, and 270 in Nice alone, who collaborate on property sales to offer maximum exposure for their sellers and an unrivaled database of properties for their buyers.

    As a member of this collaborative network, when you sign an exclusive sales mandate with Abitan Immobilier, you’ll not only have the force of our own advertising, but also that of the MLS.

    American clients will likely be familiar with this system already, the MLS being a widely used tool for American realtors ( In the UK and many other European countries, however, it is common practice to list your property with one or two agents, which can end up being more time consuming and less fruitful.

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