Top 5 apps for Android for free! 2020

    1. Dropbox
      useful apps for android

    With Dropbox, you can sync your files between different teams. In addition, it is very useful to share with others.

    One of the best apps for Android because it allows you to have everything in the cloud and resort to that content only when you're interested. Besides, it'll be like having your computer with you all the time.

    1. Greenify
      apps save battery for android

    This is one of the best battery-saving apps on an Android mobile.

    We already know that battery consumption is a problem for most of us. With Grennify you will be able to control how much you spend, although to do so you will have to root the phone.

    Put the apps you're not using into hibernation, saving battery and data without you noticing.

    1. WhatsApp
      Download apps for android free whatsapp

    It is not new to this 2019 but it is still the application that can not be missing on any Android mobile. Why? Because it's still the most used instant messaging app by users.

    It has hundreds of millions of active users so if you don't have it you will find it difficult to communicate with friends and acquaintances.

    1. Morecast
      Free weather apps for android

    If you want to know what weather you are going to do, Morecast connects to tons of weather stations and combines them with its own algorithm.

    To get the best weather forecast you only have to download this free app and review the weather maps as many times as you want.

    1. Google Maps
      Google apps for android

    Another well-known app that is pre-installed on almost any terminal. It's not just a map or a GPS, it gives you information about nearby businesses and places to visit.

    In addition, you can point out in it the places you want to visit or make notes of those you have already gone to.
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