• In Malta, I got to experience history by visiting the galleries, museums, and other areas. This is first in my priority list for visiting historic places and got beautiful opportunities. I came across many historical sites while visiting Malta, and I found it challenging to give visitors all of them. Malta teaches us the culture of the historical period, which is very much different from what we see today in our modern life. I am giving you a list of places you should visit without fail during your journey to Malta.

    Grandmasters palace – This is a historical building situated inside the Saint George’s square. I got to experience the political history of Malta while walking through the palace. I was stunned to see the rooms in the castle, where you can see the Palace Armoury, which is meant for the storage of weapons during the old times.

    St John’s Co-cathedral – I am very interested in the Knights of St John, so I went to visit St John’s Cathedral to go through the history of Knights. I was impressed by the European architecture and also had an opportunity to see the works of Caravaggio among a lot of other beautiful art pieces. This place also holds some of the illuminated manuscripts of the 16th century.

    Fort Rinella – This fort was built in 1878 and is famous as the world’s first mechanical fort. I could see the past British colonial phase of Malta by visiting this place. Mechanical advancements during the Victorian industrialization can be observed here. Recent repairing works done at the fort have boosted the tourism.

    Valletta – This is the capital city of Malta, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. I felt like stepping into history while visiting this place. This city has witnessed the fantastic past from Byzantine and Roman through the military and the Knights of St John. UNESCO describes the Valletta as one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world. There are numerous historical monuments and museums which make this city attractive to the tourists visiting Malta.

    Ggantija Temples – This ancient site is the most important archaeological sites situated in Malta. This place has secured its place in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Two temples located in Xaghra, Gozo from 3600 and 3200 BC are listed among the oldest monuments existing in the world. I got an opportunity to experience the antiquity of this lively historical place.

    Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples – Temple must be constructed 5000 years ago and belonged to the Neolithic period. One among the fantastic things in Malta and the temples are situated 500 meters apart with a steep hill in between the two temples. This place will take you to experience the historical period.

    The National Museum of Archaeology – Attracted me with historical artifacts, including sculptures, pottery, and other things. Many things back to around 5200 BC are stored in the museum. This museum is situated in Republic Street at Valletta.

    Malta is the best choice for history enthusiasts, and if you are not, then also you will be attracted by the beauty of Malta. So, pack your bags and plan a trip to this historical land full of wonders and stunning places and beaches.

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