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  • Nethawk Pakistan is the most trusted name in VoIP. With over 1,000 products backed by extensive manufacturer partnerships, we offer you the best prices with the best service. We are authorized online resellers, a company founded by certified network engineers to provide cutting-edge, reliable communications technology to the people and businesses who need it most.

    VoIP Phones popularity is increasing in Pakistan as companies expand their branches, work from home options and VPN networks etc. Our VoIP experts are available to guide you through for pre-sales process. We can supply almost all the products we have listed on website. Some products might take weeks to come into stock. We work with world class top brands like Polycom, Sangoma, Yealink and Grandstream etc.

    Our IP Phone (VoIP Phones) comes with 1 year standard warranty but for some corporate clients we sign SLA to extend warranty up to two years. We have IP Phones of different types beside most popular desktop phone, we do have conference IP Phones, wireless VoIP Phones etc all these products mostly provisioned with your VoIP service providers.

    Check this link right here now VoIP hardware in Pakistan

  • @donaldrsimonn said in Nethawk VoIP - Pakistan's largest online store:

    VoIP Phones

    VoIP hardware consists of a router, modem, and either an ATA or IP phone. When it comes to VoIP, there is a minimal amount of hardware required to get you connected to your new phone system. First and foremost, you need to have an internet connection (and, therefore, a router and a modem).

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