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  • On TradingView users can use many custom indicators on charts, some of them are built-in by platform itself, some are custom-developed by experts or trading companies.

    There are many kinds of them, some will show market strength, volumes, support/resistance levels and more advanced systems will calculate market trend reversals or print signals for entries on charts.

    I come across on many of them but only one proved to work very well for me. It shows the exact place and time for opening specific positions.
    In order to open profitable trades you need to know exactly when you should enter, on which market, at what price and when to close the position.

    You will get this using Tradest Indicator Script from


    Tradest indicator provides accurate Buy/Sell signals on all Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices and Commodities markets and all timeframes on TradingView charts.
    Script prints signals in real-time when multiple algorithm calculations spots the reversal momentum. Signal can appear at any time in candle duration and when it closes it’s confirmed and permanently printed on chart as strong indicator to open a new position or close prior one.

    Once Buy or Sell signal appears on the market you follow, you can open a position on your exchange/broker, set proper stop-loss and target or wait for reversal signs from script or opposite signal to close the position.

    Reversal signs for closing a position securing the most profit using this indicator script are:

    Moving Average (this two-coloured line) getting flat and changing colour.
    Heikin Ashi candles changing colour (few in a row for better confirmation).
    Opposite signal appears.

    Script is making the most accurate predictions with natural price flow. It means that calculations can be disrupted by sudden price ‘pumps and dumps’ caused by some outer events, for example government announcements for national economies and so on. However those are not happening often and doesn’t always have impact on market prices, so it should not bother you much in general — especially knowing how to avoid entering positions in such uncertain situations.
    Positions should not be opened if:
    There’s a significant price spike or drop during single candle duration despite signal appearance.

    Be aware that not every signal result will meet your expectations, however it is very accurate in a longer run.

    In order to install the script on your TradingView account you should follow the guide Tradest team will provide you which also include additional information how to use it for best accuracy.

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