Better Audio Output

  • I've been looking @
    and also googling, but cant find a absolute answer.

    What format does the Chromecast HDMI output audio in?
    2 channel? 5?
    If I play a video with 3F2R/LFE, what gets sent to my TV?
    Does the Videostream App encode it to 2 channel?
    Or does it send the full 5,1 stream to my TV?

    The reason I ask, is because for the time being I watch videos on my TV
    with its inbuilt (not absolutely horrible but close) 2 channel speakers.
    I have found that some videos I umm.. "Aquire", have 2 audio tracks,
    a 2 channel track and a 5.1 channel track.

    The 2 channel track inevitably ends up sounding better on my TV
    with less volume changes required unlike the surround track which ends
    up needing lots of volume changes for some scenes which are very quite
    and some which are deafeningly loud.

    Any suggestions on how best to rectify this is welcomed.
    If you guys think it would help, I would also like to request a feature:
    -a : a volume normalizer (to reduce to diff between loud and soft)
    -b : a volume booster (for tracks that are really soft)
    (which I am unfortunately I am plagued with for lack of an
    amp with proper speakers)

    A loyal Videostream fan,

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    Have you tried to play with the audio settings?

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