How to contact Facebook: Simple Procedures

  • We all contact businesses online, but how do you contact Facebook? Well, the contact us page is an excellent place to start. They have a variety of contact methods that are available to help solve any issues or problems that you may be having with their site. The contact us page lists the following options: General Queries, Account Security Issues, Advertising/Marketing Inquiries, Complaints and Feedback about Ads on Facebook Platforms. If your question falls under one of these categories then this is where you will want to go!

    Facebook contact us contact facebook contact phone contact email contact live chat contact twitter
    Contact Facebook is a social networking company that allows people to connect with each other. It also provides them the opportunity to share ideas and views through publishing posts, uploading photos, videos or links on their timeline. They have a Contact Us page where they provide all the information you need for contacting Facebook.

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