Buy Yellow Xanax Bars R039

  • Buy Yellow Xanax Bars R039

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    Yellow Xanax bars are the generic form of this medicine, available in the dose of two milligrams. They contain Alprazolam as the active ingredient for the treatment of anxiety issues. People buy yellow Xanax bars R039 to calm their excessive anxiety and have feelings of relaxation.

    Xanax bars contain Alprazolam which is a benzodiazepine. It acts on the brain to enhance the working of GABA neurotransmitters and calm down your brain.
    Doctors generally prescribe to buy yellow Xanax bars R039 for short-term treatment of anxiety disorders, panic disorder, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and insomnia. However, there may be other uses of the medication. You just need to consult your doctor before using yellow Xanax bars, as they can be unsafe at non-prescribed doses.

    Yellow Xanax bars R039 are called so because they are in a rectangular shape in yellow color. Other street names of yellow Xanax include school bus and yellow bus due to their shape and size.

    The pills have an imprint of R 0 3 9 on them and also have three indents on the same side. These indents are provided for ease of use as the user can divide 2mg yellow Xanax pill into four equal parts of 0.5mg Xanax.

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