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    If a college education is expensive enough, enrolling in graduate school can also be of a financial hurdle for some applicants. Fortunately, many companies believe and support the enrichment of an individual through graduate and doctoral studies. Getting in these scholarships require applicants to be competitive not only with their grades but also with the graduate school essay as well also you can aways use help of such a services as Here are 5 of the top on-line scholarships and financial-grant awarding bodies that bank on the uniqueness of a graduate school essay more than any average graduate school would:

    AT&T Labs Fellowship Program
    The AT&T Labs Fellowship Program is available for applicants who are female and belong to a minority race. Fellowships and grants can be awarded to students who submit a graduate school essay about their interest in or current graduate pursuits in the fields of communication and computer-related studies. The comprehensive graduate school essay should have a statement of purpose pertaining to the research objectives of an applicant. If your graduate school essay impresses, this fellowship program will offer coverage for all educational expenses for the whole academic year, a stipend, and a summer internship program in research projects pioneered by AT&T.
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    The Beinecke Scholarship Program
    A $40,000 scholarship for graduate studies awaits the recipient of the Beinecke Scholarship Program for junior undergraduates who plan to take up further studies in the arts as well as in the sciences. This program requires a 1,000-word personal statement graduate school essay to be submitted by applicants as well as a well-documented history of financial assistance.

    Fulbright Scholarships
    Probably one of the better known scholarship programs, Fulbright Scholarships are for graduate studies in Creative Writing and the Performing Arts that require an applicant to demonstrate their prowesses in these fields through a personal statement graduate school essay. The graduate school essay is the gate pass to get into the a world of opportunities that a Fulbright scholarship can give.

    The National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships
    Sponsored by the US Department of Defense, this financial grant-giving body can award a scholarship to an applicant who writes a graduate school essay that would show his interest in pursuing graduate studies. GRE scores are vital in their selection process and the 400-word graduate school essay to be submitted should enumerate various leadership experiences as well.

    The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans
    Largely developed for New Americans, this fellowship gives opportunities for applicants who are either second-generation minorities or even those who are newly-naturalized. Most successful applicants get to enroll in graduate courses in various fields and receive financial assistance. Part of their requirements is an interview and a graduate school essay or two that would best give insight to the New American Dream.

    The importance of a well-written graduate school essay is felt when you have the need to get into a scholarship program for your graduate studies. Make sure that you get to express and impress with your graduate school essay.

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