Does using Videostream use data?

  • My question is odd- but basically the only internet we can get where I live is limited to 20GB a month. If I am using Videostream to play videos from my laptop to my TV on Chromecast- I have to be connected to the same internet network, but I am wondering if the app is using the internet as well to help decode/encode video for playback or something and using up data.

    I want to be able to stream stuff from my laptop to my TV- but not if I use up a lot of data doing it. I don't see why it would- but just in case I wanted to ask if anyone knew.

  • @Lord-Aries Local data over your network shouldn't count against your monthly data due it streaming from your pc to your chromecast on your LAN. Your internet could be turned off, but as long as your network was up you could still perform this. Hope this answers your question :-)

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