What is the difference between Gbwhatsapp and WhatsApp Plus?

  • If you already know WhatsApp GB , you probably wonder what the difference is between Gbwhatsapp and WhatsApp Plus.

    The truth is that many modified WhatsApp apps offer a set of features that are alternative to the official app. So, you need to know the difference between them.

    In the case of WhatsApp Plus and Gbwhatsapp, the difference is in some features that are exclusive to WhatsApp Gb. Among the features are:

    whatsapp plus settings
    Blocking calls to certain groups or contacts;
    No root access is required to use the app;
    It is possible to copy the status of the contacts;
    Unlimited access to different stickers.
    All of this you find on WhatsApp GB. But if you compare to WhatsApp Plus, there is not so much difference between the apps. Both are modified versions on the official WhatsApp, are made up of APK files and the usability is very similar.

    What you’ll notice about the difference are the types of customizations and some features that may be different, but that don’t provide as much variation.

    What is the advantage of WhatsApp Plus?
    As there are several modified apps with similar functionality, you may be wondering what the advantage of WhatsApp plus is.

    In that case, know that there are many advantages to using WhatsApp Plus, compared to other Mods or WhatsApp itself.

    Compared to the official WhatsApp, this modified app offers the possibility to personalize the application, have greater control over privacy and share larger files.

    In the case of other apps, the differential of WhatsApp Plus are the themes for personalization, which are exclusive to this app, as well as the colors and other visual aspects that leave the layout of the app personalized.

    whatsapp plus functions
    Among the main advantages of using WhatsApp Plus we can also mention:
    Anti-ban feature that allows you to use the app without losing your official WhatsApp account;
    Privacy control with the possibility to hide online status and visas in messages;
    Exclusive WhatsApp Plus customizations with different themes and colors.
    What is the best site to download WhatsApp Plus?
    If you've made it this far, you should be convinced that WhatsApp Plus is the ideal app for you. In this case, you may have the following question: what is the best website to download WhatsApp Plus?

    So, we researched about sites that offer to download this app and the credibility behind each site.

    That's because WhatsApp Plus cannot be downloaded from the Play Store. This rule applies to all modified apps, as the Play Store and other app stores do not allow Mods to be offered to users.

    Therefore, when searching for this app outside the Play Store, you will come across several sites that offer download for the app.

    However, you must be very careful when selecting a download option. After all, there is no way to know if the site is reliable and if the download link is not a virus, for example.

    Thinking about all these issues, we went in search of the best site to download WhatsApp Plus.

    Thus, we were able to identify that the best site to download WhatsApp Plus is Malavida.

    This site is reliable, offers a series of applications for both Android smartphones and iPhone.

    In the case of WhatsApp Plus, Malavida is the best option to download the app.

    to download and install WhatsApp Plus?
    Don't know how to download and install WhatsApp Plus ? Fortunately we have created a simple and easy tutorial for you. Just follow all the steps you will find below.

    Start with your WhatsApp backup
    The first step is to back up all your official WhatsApp conversations.
    Remember that you will no longer use this app and to access all your conversations on WhatsApp Plus, you must have this content stored on your phone.

    whatsapp plus tips
    So, here's how to save your WhatsApp conversations on your phone:

    Access the official WhatsApp app;
    Go to the "Settings" option;
    Click on “Conversations”, then on “Backup conversations” and finally on “Back up now”;
    Finally, select where you want to store the content.
    WhatsApp allows you to store the backup on Google Drive. However, if you want to access conversations on WhatsApp Plus you must select the storage of the phone, as the app is not compatible with the cloud storage service.

    Download the app on Malavida
    After the backup, you will be able to download and install the application. Since you will be downloading externally, smartphones often have a security feature that does not allow downloading outside app stores.
    Therefore, you need to enable this type of download first.

    This is very simple to do, just access your phone's settings and search for “unknown sources”.

    This option is usually in the "Security" tab. When you find it, you only need to enable unknown sources.

    Now access WhatsApp Plus on Malavida and click on the “Download” button at the top of the site.

    If a permission message appears, authorize the download and wait until the file is fully downloaded.

    Install the app on your phone
    After downloading the app, you will need to install the app manually. That's because it doesn't install itself like apps downloaded from the Play Store.
    So, go to the "Download" folder on your phone and look for the APK file to install it.

    Once this is done, click on the file and then click on “Install”. Now just wait until the installation takes place automatically.

    Once installed, the app will be available and you will find it with the other apps on your phone.

    Why doesn't WhatsApp Plus install on my phone?
    The installation process of WhatsApp plus is very simple, however, there are some errors that can occur during the installation that need to be clarified.

    If you have the following question: why doesn't WhatsApp Plus install on my phone? See in this article the possible errors and how to solve them.

    Exclusion of WhatsApp folders: this is the most common error and can cause major problems with installation. When uninstalling the official app, you cannot delete the application's folders, as they are the ones that will assist in compatibility with the Mod. If you did this, install WhatsApp again, uninstall and do not delete the folders this time.
    Outdated WhatsApp Plus: if the app is outdated, you may try to install it, but you can't. Therefore, check the latest version of the application and download the updated version.
    Interference from other apps: Some apps on your phone may prevent WhatsApp Plus from being installed, such as antivirus and optimization apps. In this case, temporarily disable its functions until you are able to install the app.
    These are the most common errors when installing WhatsApp Plus on your phone. By correcting these problems you will certainly be able to access the application.

    How do I update WhatsApp Plus?
    You have the following question: how do I update WhatsApp Plus? In that case, you can update the app by following our simple app update tutorial.

    Please note that when a new update appears, the app informs you through a notification. That way, just click on the notification and update the app.

    However, if you have not received the notification it is possible to check if there is a new version of the app by accessing the settings of the app itself. Here's how to check for updates and finally update your WhatsApp Plus:

    Access WhatsApp Plus, go to “Chats” and then the three dots icon;
    Click on “Plus Settings”, then on “Updates” and finally on “Check For Updates”;
    If there is a new version, you will receive a pop-up with a link to download the update automatically.
    Another way to check if the app is up to date is by comparing the version number of the app. In that case, go to “Chats”, the three-point icon, then “Settings”, “Help” and finally “App info”.

    Now check the version number of the app and compare it with the version available on Malavida.

    Once this is done, you will already have an app installed and updated to use personalized WhatsApp the way you like it.

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