Just wanted to say that I'm liking the new mobile app! Great work development team. The interface looks slick. The ability to track completed shows is there and the progress of the currently showing video is shown as well. Great work on the desktop-mobile pairing. Maybe it was not such a good idea to sync up all the video contents of my 2 NAS that I use to store media with a total of 5 Terabytes (in terms of difficulty in file organization given the limited ways to show the information at the moment - either recent downloads or alphabetical) but the process was faster than I expected and it worked without a hitch.

Further suggestions:

Maybe introduce new ways of organizing the files to make it easier to wade through a lot of video files (if there is a way to categorize the files by genres for example via drag and drop whole folders of video in the desktop and the generated metadata is used to organize the files on the mobile app in a much meaningful way would be great).

Currently the tracking is enabled if you have the mobile app running. Even if it was initiated on the chrome app it will still track it when you open the mobile app in the middle of watching the show. However videos you have watched using only the chrome app will not be tracked. Suggest to make this available in the chrome app as well and do a sync of completed shows for both mobile and chrome applications.

I couldn't praise the new features enough. Keep up the good work development team!