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  • Kamagra owes its action to the main component is Sildenafil Citrate present in it. Kamagra(kgr) also popular by the name blue pill is primarily famous as a cure for male sexual dysfunction or impotence.

    This brand is popular in the UK because of ED’s major patient in the UK(United Kingdom) that why it is also called “Kamagra UK“.

    In the United Kindom, It is highly prescribed medicine for erectile dysfunction in the UK.

    kamagra 100 is also known as generic viagra because it contains the same active component “Sildenafil“. Sildenafil FDI approved in the UK. read more about it.

    Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a medical condition wherein a man faces difficulties in achieving and maintaining erections For some men, obtaining an erection isn’t much of a deal, however.

    Maintaining an erection long enough to hold out sexual activity with the partner is the main issue.

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