Sale of patents

  • After a thorough research, it turned out that no one knew how to sell a patent. Numerous inquiries have been sent to a range of agencies large and small. There was only one answer - we do not sell patents. Looking ahead, I will say that I still managed to find the agency. But at the very beginning of the journey, I was somewhat at a loss. To whom, and most importantly, how to sell the rights to my utility model? The first tenet of any strategy: Analyze your competitors crumbled almost immediately. Because selling a patent is a one-time story. Sold and sold. Money on the card and everything. Moreover, there are very different patents and you cannot go with everyone to the same buyer.

  • You are not quite right here. There is a practice of selling patents for exchanges. There are also forums where you can sell a patent for several tens of thousands and without much difficulty. There would be a desire to do this, but an opportunity can always be found.

  • You can't just take and sell a patent. The potential buyer needs to be explained what the patent is about and how it works. What benefits he will receive and, preferably, the required amount of money invested. In a spherical vacuum, it's a good idea to talk about profit.

  • How exactly to sell the rights to his invention is up to the author himself. The conditions for the transfer of exclusive rights will be determined by the parties independently, including remuneration to the author. If you yourself plan to transfer rights under the contract, you can use the already existing directions for finding a buyer.

  • The sale of sale of patents patents is carried out by concluding an agreement on the alienation of the exclusive right to an invention under which one party transfers or undertakes to transfer its exclusive right to the corresponding result of intellectual activity in full to the other party - the acquirer of the exclusive right of the patent. You will receive a lump sum for a patent, regardless of whether the product is difficult to sell and whether the invention loses its relevance or not.

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