what are the criteria for successful trading?

  • what are the criteria for successful trading?

  • in my opinion, the most important criterion is the correct, competent choice of a forex broker. You need to choose a broker (after reading the review robo forex https://tradersunion.com/brokers/forex/view/roboforex/ ), with which you are comfortable working. Which suits you all. It may not get very good reviews, but it has been in the market for many years and has low commission rates and a good reputation among experienced traders. You can work with a broker for a month and analyze the work with him, if you work well, you can leave him. You also need to remember that a broker can work in different ways, today you can, thanks to him, earn a lot of money, and tomorrow you will go into the red. And there are such situations on the market. The main thing is that you are more likely to be in the black, i.e. made a profit, felt that your forex broker is the best and then everything will be fine!

  • first, you must understand that trading is a competitive business. It is safe to assume that the person sitting on the other side of the deal is making full use of all available technology.

  • Also, if you realize that your trading lacks an attentive assistant, or you want to delegate some of the routine work, pay attention to this crypto bot , which, if properly configured, does an excellent job of its work and helps to make the trader's work more comfortable.

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