How to write an essay??

  • I guess you know that the main trick of the descriptive essays is the abundance of details. Yet, not all the students are able to give the details, which makes their descriptive essays poor. It happens because not everybody can feel the difference between mere telling and description. Still, you will have to learn it, if you want to write A-plus descriptive essays.
    alt synthesis
    You have to understand one thing. All the subjects have some features that can distinguish them. Thus, when you need to describe something, you should think of all those features that make this subject unique. For instance, you have to describe the house you are living in. Now, feel the difference between these two examples:

    I live in that house.
    I live in that two-story, white house with a red door and stairs in the front side.

    You see how these two sentences are different and you need to understand that difference, as in descriptive, as in synthesis essay, because in one essay you need to describe and in second to tell about things. The first one just tells that you live in a house. The second gives a short description, which allows to get the first immersion of your house. Or compare another two examples:
    I have a friend.
    I have a friend – an 18 years old red-haired, tall guy, with funny freckles on his nose, green eyes and lovely smile.

    I think the difference between these examples is also vivid. You see, the details make your
    essay more interesting and rich. They arouse the reader’s imagination making him/her read your essay till the end. What is more, giving the details is not very difficult. You just need to use your imagination that I am sure you definitely have.

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