Hot Tubs Tauranga

  • At Poolpac we're extremely proud to be the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the world famous Passion Spa Range. Passion Spas have been one of the top selling spa pools worldwide due to the excellence of their design and their stunning range of features. From the strategic placement of equipment and components, to the precise fit of the maintenance free panels, Passion Spas are built to give you peace of mind and long lasting performance so don't delay and get in touch with the friendly Poolpac team today to discuss a solution designed to give you years of enjoyment.

    Before pushing through with hydrotherapy, what is a walk in a tub? By the term itself, it means that it is a tub but you can literally walk to get inside the tub and vice versa. Unlike the traditional tubs where you have to climb to get in and out, the walk-in tub has a door that you can open so that you can enter. It is that simple. There is a tub which is compact and you can literally sit while immersed in water. Regular walk in tubs can be updated into hydrotherapy walk in bathtubs. Some makers offer the tubs with door seal warranty. Faucet handles are like levers. It can also be made into a non-slip tub. This is what you call customized. Compared to when it first came out, hot tubs Tauranga are now affordable. It is also considered to be a safer tub substitute than the regular bathtub. This is due to the fact that it is a walk in a tub. The flooring is slip-safe. The doors are well-sealed. You can also use a shower. You also have the option to sit down, stand up or relax in a laid down manner.

    Cedar and redwood are ideal for the manufacture of cheap spa pools NZ as they are very durable and resistant to weather. It looks good for the future. Interestingly, cedar and redwood hot tubs are still often far less expensive than their acrylic or fiberglass counterparts. Hot tubs fit the bill beautifully. They come with all the modern equipment common to spas including up to date filtration systems, pumps and controls. In case you're worried, they are also easy to keep clean. The manufacturer will provide all the maintenance information you need to take care of your cedar or redwood hot tub. In a world full of plastic, your cedar or redwood hot tub can be a place to relax and reconnect with nature. There are so many positive benefits of choosing cheap spa pools nz, it would be well worth your while to take the time to look into the products and styles available to you.

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