Golf during a hurricane. Americans did not understand Donald Trump

  • US President Donald Trump is again at the center of a scandal. And this time it is associated with golf. Just over a week ago, Trump canceled a planned trip to Poland to be with his people during Hurricane Dorian. In the entire history of observing tropical cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere (about 100 years), "Dorian" shares the first place in the strength of the wind that hit the land, with the hurricane of 1935. "Dorian" hit the Bahamas at a speed of 295 km / h. For comparison, Hurricane Katrina, which caused catastrophic destruction in New Orleans 14 years ago, had a speed of 200 km / h at the time of contact with land.

    But what does this have to do with golf? Direct. Donald Trump on his Twitter published about 130 messages (own or retweets) about the danger of Hurricane Dorian, which, after the strike in the Bahamas, was supposed to reach the US East Coast, in particular Florida, Georgia, and South and North Carolina. According to preliminary forecasts, Dorian could damage Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump plays golf quite often there. “You know, I didn't even think about what would happen to my resort. Yes, he is right in the path of Dorian's movement, but I think he will survive. There are very strong structures there, ”said the US President.

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    Of course, you can't play golf in this weather, so Trump traveled to Virginia and played two rounds at a local golf course. His decision sparked outrage among American citizens. Even the mayor of London Sadiq Khan walked on Trump. "Obviously he's very busy preparing for the hurricane right now, so he went to play golf." Trump's response was not long in coming: “The incompetent mayor of London is very worried that I played a little golf. Many politicians take hours off or leave for weeks. I played on one of my fields (by the way, very inexpensive). President Obama would go to Hawaii. Khan had better think about the problems of crime in his city, because Londoners are afraid to take to the streets. "

    Speaking of Obama. Trump was one of the main critics of the former president of the country when he went to the golf course. "President Obama had an important meeting in New York on the Ebola virus, people from all over the world flocked to it, but he decided to play golf instead," Trump's tweets were not uncommon. Now Trump himself is accused of picking up the club too often. It is no secret that the top officials of the United States love golf. George W. Bush enjoyed 18 holes, but in the middle of his first presidential term (after September 11 and the outbreak of the Iraq war), he gave up his hobby. “I don’t want any mother whose son was recently killed to see the commander-in-chief on the golf course.”

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    In his eight years in the White House, Bush has only played 24 rounds. Dwight D. Eisenhower, for example, played 800-900 times. Trump has done this 214 times during his presidency. Obama spent 333 rounds in two terms, that is, he picked up golf clubs every 8.8 days on average. Trump is known to be a big golf fan and owns 17 courses in different countries. He watches golf on TV (in particular, he followed the Masters and best hybrid golf clubs was very happy with the victory of Tiger Woods ), and sometimes plays with the current pros (a couple of weeks ago he played a match with John Daly ). However, ordinary Americans, especially during emergencies and natural disasters, criticize Trump for his love of golf.

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