iGet Vapes Shion XXL Plus Max Delivery

  • Compared to HQD products, IGET vape bars have slightly stronger flavours. This makes them very popular among the Shisha users and customers who like the fruity tastes. IGET vapes flavours last for their entire battery life. But very rarely, you may sometimes notice differences in the very last few puffs of the battery life. Generally speaking, the flavours remain fairly stable for almost all the time tested. Also, from batch to batch their tastes do not vary. This might be one of the secrets why IGET becomes so popular and well-loved.

    IGET Shion 600 Puffs now have 26 flavours all available at Vape DFO:
    Lush ice, Grape, Mango, Lychee Ice, Apple, pineapple ice, Cantaloupe, Cool mint, Peach Ice, Very berry, Cola ice, Classic tobacco, Pink Lemonade, cinnamon, Passion fruit, Strawberry, Blueberry ice, Mixed fruit, Bubble gum, Blue razz, Blackberry ice, Cranberry ice, Mystery fruit, Strawberry watermelon, Flavour burst.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our incredible customers for the ongoing business and support we have received. We are truly humbled to think that we were able to help so many people flick the old habit. We would also like to thank you for sticking with us for so long, especially considering the amount of competitors that entered the space since we started.

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