House of Troy picture lights

  • Modern technologies have made it possible to introduce an interesting decor into our homes and offices - this is a backlit painting. To make a high-quality lamp with a bright print, we use a special light-scattering material that we mount on a wooden frame and the light source inside. We use diode bulbs and incandescent bulbs as a light source. The picture lamp is equipped with a power cord with a switch. On the back there are 2 metal mounts for hanging it on the wall. Due to the use of expensive energy-efficient LED lamps and wooden moldings in diode lamps, these lamps are more expensive.

  • Just imagine how you return home after a hard day's work, sit comfortably in your favorite chair or sofa and turn on this magic device that spreads a soft glow. Time stops for a moment and you relax with the thought of how good it is at home. Indeed, a backlit LED picture can work wonders.

  • A canvas with a calm plot will look harmonious in the bedroom to fill the room with an atmosphere of tranquility and light romance. Choose a canvas with candles or small bulbs. Stylishly cozy and unusual. By the way, the assortment includes picture with backlit ice supplemented by a clock.

  • Lamps designed to illuminate paintings could previously only be found in exhibition halls and museums. House of Troy picture lights today they are available to everyone to implement the most interesting and creative ideas. Highlighting portraits of collages of mirrors of niches using a lamp for paintings effectively emphasizes the dignity of the interior and at the same time creates a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. But this is not all of their advantages. Light for paintings is used to achieve the correct luminous flux without reflections and glare, as well as to eliminate the strain on the eyes - the protective cover for the backlight for paintings allows you to look at the picture for a long time without stressing the eyes.

  • Hurry up to purchase illumination for paintings inexpensively in the online store. If necessary, highly qualified consultants will help you choose the right model that matches the design of your premises. Even with a minimal budget, you can still buy reliable lighting fixtures.

  • Backlighting for paintings used to really be seen mainly in museums. And today, such lamps are available to everyone, they can be purchased in many online stores, and especially to those who collect paintings and want to demonstrate all their beauty.

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