Best LongBoards for Beginners

  • The market for longboards is a dense jungle with dozens, even hundreds of products available. There are big boards, small boards, cheap boards, pricey boards, symmetricals, pintails, drop-throughs, drop decks, top mounts, cruisers, carvers, freeride boards, freestyle boards, dancers.

    If you’re a beginner looking to buy Best LongBoards for Beginners or say your first serious longboard – you’ve probably been weaving through an insane quantity of information trying to figure out what’s the best longboard for you to begin with.As a beginner longboarder, should you get a 40″ cruiser dropped platform? A stiff symmetrical freeride board with hard wheels? A beautiful-looking surf-style pintail?

    Here’s the truth: there is no such thing as a BEST longboard for beginners. You can pretty much start on ANY longboard. Which you choose is largely a matter of personal goals and preference.Also, much of the advice available comes from younger riders. If you’re in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, your objectives and constraints as a beginner longboarder may be very different. You may look at longboarding as a great way to move around while having a blast and staying fit.

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