H.265 files buffering, w/CC Ultra 2ft from N wifi, & hardwired Gb vid server?

  • WTH? Come on! Really? Why did I just buy premium? Videostream was without peer a year ago, but several other options are surpassing it, as you poor, poor, broke Canadian Devs claim to eat mayonnaise sandwiches, and are just treading water if you think about it, versus staying ahead of the curve with ongoing enhancements providing modern feature support.

    Oh, and "Premium automatically plays the next video for you!" doesn't seem to wkr after getting premium, even when using a playlist.

    Also, why can't you reach out to Google to get your app at least recognized by Google Home/Assistant? Netflix did it in 2 days. It can't be that hard. Just reach out to them about "creating a service" for Videostream....

    I bet no one even reads this. I never thought I'd see the day when a simple app like Localcast would start to seem more feature-rich than Videostream. Wow, just wow.

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