Keyboard shortcuts // Phone App playlist view // Resolution (4k?)

  • Really like this app, which is why I went premium on day one, but there are some things I haven't been able to figure out and some things that haven't been added going by the number of requests.

    So far I have figured out that spacebar pauses/plays and the arrow keys on keyboard skips half a minute either backwards or forwards and up and down increases or decreases volume.

    I haven't been able to figure out which key skips to the next item in my playlist - this alone would save some trouble (even though there is a small workaround using the phoneapp). Would it be possible for you guys to pin a thread with a full list of keyboard shortcuts or add some shortcuts?

    I see this being asked a lot, but is the phone app getting work done, more specifically; able to see and choose videos from the respective playlist(s), a next button in the app would also make it a lot easier to the next video in the playlist. Browse by folder would be great for those of us who organise our folders and don't just have one big massive folder.

    And finally I am wondering about the quality/resolution. I bought the Chromecast Ultra just so we could watch movies/shows in high quality on our TV without needing to get a 25meter long HDMI cable- is 720p the maximum supported quality or is "original" the actual original quality of the video?

    Thanks in advance - and really love the work you have put in, Chromecast did not play without massive stutter before this app!

    Best regards.

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