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  • Today website designing is drawing everyone towards itself. With the growing enthusiasm and curiosity in the youth, they are becoming interested in taking website designing as their career. They are eager to know about the graphics and technology used in ui design agency. With the growing competition in making a successful career, everyone is looking for a promising career, which can support them in the life throughout. And website designing is such kind of field, in which you can do any type of job, even if you are not working from a known and big company.

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    Today, with the growing website designing companies, any student with the knowledge of website designing or related knowledge, can get a job easily. Whether it is not a big company, it is helpful to start a job and increase your experience in software development company. But due to lack of knowledge and circumference, students are unaware about the good course and institutes they have to take for a website designing career. Here we are going to discuss the same to help students in making a good career.

    Studies and subjects:

    Website designing itself says that you should have knowledge in computers and its studies. So the first main thing to do is to choose computers as your main subjects after your 10+2. No mater from where are you studying, but if it is English medium, it is good for you , as only mother tongue language doesn’t help in understanding the computers. But as a bachelor’s degree is not sufficient, you should have good marks also. Less mark will lag you behind and you will not be selected in a good company as rapid application development of your choice. If you want, you can also do a PG in your subjects for better perfection. PG is not only can be done only by computer students but also by students of other streams, like Arts and commerce.

    Courses and curriculum:

    Website designing field is somewhat different from the general computer knowledge. So the syllabus is also different from that. Apart from the knowledge of computers, you also have to study about designing and techniques used in ui/ux design. Here the syllabus is offered by viewing the changing technologies and industries’ demands, which are ever-changing. The core subjects that a website design student has to study are:

    • Designing- template, logos, banner, portfolio
    • 2D and 3D graphics
    • Introduction of flash making
    • Graphic designing
    • Multimedia
    • Designing and maintenance of website
    • Learning animation s/w
    • Business card making

    Institutes offering website designing courses:

    • NID(National Institute of Design),Ahmedabad
    • IIT(Indian institute of technology),Kanpur
    • IIT(Indian institute of technology),Guwahati
    • IIJNM(Indian institute of journalism and new media ), Bangalore


    Any computer student can join as website designer in any company. With a computer certificate from a recognised institute, the student can join in MSN, or advertising institutes, any designing company like Photoshop or banner making company. But if you are dreaming that right after your course, you will be selected in a good and big company with high paid salary, then come out of the dream and be practical. Even if you have good marks and are selected in a good company as Jatapp, you are not going to earn in lacks and dollars. For any big proposal, you have to give time and wait for the right time to come to you. In starting you may have some trouble in financial matters, but as the time passes you will get good amount for your work.

    So be energetic and go to fulfil your dreams!!!

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