WOW! internet and TV review

  • If you live in the Midwest then you must be aware of Wide Open West or WOW!, it is a telecommunication company that offers cable TV, broadband internet, and home phone service in 9 states of the US. WOW! has over 84000 users and if we want to highlight the reviews of WOW! internet and WOW! TV service, we have found mixed reviews.
    WOW! is widely known for its affordable packages, unlimited internet data, and easy policies. WOW! offers bundle packages that help a user to save more. We will provide you the details of packages offered by WOW!, and also highlight the advantages and disadvantages of their services in this review.
    WOW! Internet Plans
    WOW! offers different internet plans at discounted rates. They offer high speeds and unlimited data. The internet speeds and estimated prices are mentioned below,

    1. Regular Plan
      The minimum speed offered by WOW! is different for each location, because it can either be 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps. The price of this plan is around $49 a month. It supports up to 3 devices at the same time. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube without any speed lag issues with this speed. If you don’t have extensive internet usage, this speed will be enough for you.
    2. Medium Speed Plan
      The medium internet plan offered by them is 500 Mbps. This is an ultra-fast internet speed and the best choice for a larger household. If you’ve to connect 6 to 7 gadgets or devices at the same time, you can easily connect it with your Wi-Fi. The price of this plan on promotional discount is around $59.99 a month. You will not face speed lag issues even if you’ve got extensive internet usage with the speed, offered in this package.
    3. Highest Speed Plan
      Some people are not satisfied until they get the highest internet speeds, WOW! offers 1 gig internet package that caters to the needs of internet geeks. You can connect multiple laptops, computers, tablets, and Smart TVs with this speed. This plan is ideal for gamers who want to play heavy graphic games online or on XBOX or PS4. No matter what kind of internet user you have, you’ll be satisfied with 1 Gig-speed. The price of this deal on promotional discount is around $80 a month.
      WOW! TV and Internet Plans
      The best way to save more on your monthly cable TV and internet bill is by choosing the same service provider for both. What can be better than paying less tax? You pay less tax on the same bill. Moreover, if you’ve got one provider for both services you won’t face hassle whenever you’ll encounter any issues.
    4. First double play option
      WOW! offers bundle internet and cable TV plan. In the regular double play plan, the internet speed offered by WOW! is 200 Mbps and the channel lineup includes more than 120 channels, it includes all local news and sports channels. The price of this package at a promotional discount is around $125.
    5. Second double play option
      If you want a higher speed, you can choose the second plan offered by WOW!. The internet speed offered in this package is 500 Mbps, which will be sufficient for a large household. The channel lineup includes more than 160 channels and you get all popular channels like History, ESPN, AMC, A&E, etc. The price of this package at a promotional discount will be around $135 a month.
    6. 3rd double play option
      You can also get the highest internet speed of 1 Gig along with Cable TV in the 3rd plan option. You can use the highest internet speed for multiple devices, watch videos in 4k and what not. The channel lineup is extensive and the price of this package at the discounted rate is around $144 a month.
      Advantages of WOW! Internet and TV
      • WOW! is one of the few providers that offer free installation service on all online orders. You can save money by placing your order online.
      • The internet packages are truly unlimited, you don’t have to worry about the internet data caps or limits.
      • You can bundle up your package and save yourself from the worry of dealing with two separate providers or paying two separate bills.
      • WOW! offers 30 days guarantee that is awesome because you get to see if you’re happy with it or not.
      • They offer 24/7 essential customer support.
      Disadvantages of WOW! Internet and TV
      • Some packages for best prices require a contract for 1 or 2 years.
      • Their availability is limited.
      • The reviews from their customers are mixed.
      Wrapping Up,
      Overall, if you have to assess any internet or cable TV provider, you should compare the benefits over disadvantages, and if you see that, the benefits are in your favor, then just go for it.

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