Electronic document management: 5 reasons to implement the system in your real estate

  • Imagine this situation: you need a contract that was signed seven years ago with a customer and you still don't use electronic document management (GED).

    You would have to go to the file, look in several drawers for a document that had been stored for many years, and you would lose considerable time.

    Did you know that managing and accessing documents can be as easy as searching through an email?

    If you are thinking of using electronic document management in your company, here are 5 reasons to start today:

    Access documents easily with Electronic Document Management

    With data in the cloud, it's easy to find a file and access the information. Documents can be accessed from anywhere, when you need them.

    With a GED solution, you can access files through your notebook and desktop in a simple and fast way.

    Reduce costs and maintain results

    Do more with fewer resources (or make the most of it) and increase the company's profitability. With the GED it is possible.

    With files stored in the cloud, printing is limited to what is necessary and only essential documents will go to the printer.

    Less printing means less spending on supplies to feed equipment like sheets and cartridges.

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    Save and make the most of your space!

    The size of your business directly reflects how many files you need to keep, but the point is, you need to keep those files somewhere.

    Some companies have entire floors just to store boxes of paper, a waste of space.

    Increase team productivity

    It is not necessary to spend hours searching for a document when you use a GED system.

    Files are always just a click away and you can search for documents using keywords.

    With quick access to documents, staff productivity increases and results also.

    More secure information

    Printed files disappear, are damaged and anyone can make use of them.

    Using electronic document management, only authorized persons have access to the files, which increases the security of your information.

    Another benefit is the possibility of creating security backups so that no documents are lost.

    Did you accidentally delete an important contract? Simple: access a copy of the document.


    Having an electronic document management system (GED) in the management of a condominium will undoubtedly make all the difference, but it is necessary to research what best suits your needs.

    So, research about the benefits and which of your problems will be solved.

    Source: Tajarat.com.pk

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