Best keyboard form factor

  • For most of my life, I've been using cheap membrane keyboards that were all full-sized. After my last one broke, I decided to dabble in the mechanical keyboard world, but it seems like a tall order. The first thing I notice is that there are tons of different sizes like TKL, 75%, 60% and others. Coming from using the same form factor on all my keyboards, this feels overwhelming, so I'd like to hear some pros and cons for the most common sizes.

  • Honestly, I'm still using my old trusty Logitech that I bought for $20. These mechanical keyboards are too expensive IMO.

  • Trust me, when you will get a feel for a good mechanical keyboard you will never want to go back. Personally, after trying out most sizes I stopped on a 75% mechanical keyboard, as it suits me perfectly. It still has all the keys your are used to except for the numpad, which most people don't use anyway. The extra space you will have on your desktop is definitely worth it.

  • Great article, I think I have the same opinion as you. I hope you will have many more good articles.

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