Apartamento garden: what is it and why to invest?

  • Through increasingly elaborate projects, due to the development of architecture, today there is a significant demand for those properties that, until some time ago, were not so valued by people, precisely because of the advantages provided. Among them is the garden apartment, located on the first floor of the building.

    The arguments for not choosing this type of property were many, from the lack of privacy to the noise of the condominium, which could be greater in these environments. We have prepared this article so that you understand what this concept is and what are its main advantages. Good reading!

    What is the garden apartment?

    As explained, the garden apartment is the one located on the first floor of a building. However, it brings other gains to the resident, which make it look very similar to a house.

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    It may have in its structure, for example, a leisure area, with swimming pool and barbecue, allowing people to have a private space to receive friends and family in their social gatherings.

    Thus, for those looking for a larger space, but do not necessarily want a home or even do not have enough money for coverage, this is the most suitable solution.

    What are the main advantages of the garden apartment?

    Now that you know what the garden apartment is, we will present the main advantages of investing in this type of property.

    Quality of life

    Especially for those who live in large urban centers, looking for a space that offers quality of life is one of the priorities. As people are involved daily with their professional projects, it is necessary that, in their property, they have alternatives to rest with those they consider special, to hold an event on weekends and also enjoy the family a little more.

    As the garden apartment offers resources that allow these issues, it will make the resident feel good in his own home, in addition to not having to travel to make socializing events.

    Ideal for small children and pets

    The first step when looking for a property is to find the one that best meets your needs, right? Thus, it is necessary to assess whether the options analyzed are of sufficient size for your family - or the family you intend to have, in the case of couples still without children.

    The garden apartment offers ideal space for children to have fun and have a childhood like those lived at home, but safely. It is also the recommended alternative for lovers of pets, but who consider the properties a small space for them.


    Many condominiums offer a complete leisure structure, party room, etc. However, it is necessary to share these spaces with other residents, after all, they are in common areas.

    When living in a garden apartment, you will have the possibility to have a space that is yours alone, without having to make advance reservations for your events and receiving only your guests.

    This allows for greater privacy, since the space will be just for you and your family to enjoy. Your kids will even be able to invite their school friends over for a picnic on the weekends or to do outdoor work, with complete security of being in their own property and without the need to face traffic to take them to the places.

    Property valuation

    Another point to be highlighted when looking for a property is the understanding of valuation . Even if you have no intention of leaving that environment for the next few years, you need to think for the long term. It may be that, at some point, that apartment no longer meets your needs, requiring you to search for alternatives and put your property up for sale or for rent.

    In this sense, it is necessary to look for that space that will be valued over the years. Among the points that contribute to this, we highlight the location, the structure of the property and also what it offers as a differential.

    Having an environment with all the characteristics of a garden apartment will provide more arguments at the time of negotiation, in addition to the most attractive price for your business.

    Ideal for those who want to have a garden or vegetable garden

    Having a garden or planting your own vegetable garden is the desire of many people who live in urban centers. However, with small spaces, this is a distant dream. Here, you have the possibility to select an environment to plant your organics, contributing, even, to your food.

    To do this, select where to plant and, from there, just take the necessary care to keep the vegetables healthy, such as periodically weeding, allocating water in the specific quantity, in addition to using good quality seeds. Do not forget fertilization, which must be in the right dosage for your planting to be effective.

    How to decorate the garden apartment?

    The first step in decorating the outdoor area of ​​your garden apartment is planning. You need to have an idea of ​​what space is available, what the lighting will be like and the possibilities for enhancing your environment. In addition, if you are going to place plants, you need to evaluate well where they will be and what species to use, since there are those that depend more on sunlight for their growth.

    Regarding furniture, even in smaller spaces, there is the possibility of using simpler benches, tables and chairs, with formats according to your style. The options range from those that provide a more modern look to those that are more rustic, depending on your taste. Finally, invest in stones and vases, to make the place more personalized.

    In this content, you could understand what a garden apartment is and what are the main advantages of living in one. As explained, when choosing a property, you need to understand what your needs are and what it must offer so that your quality of life is greater. That way, your home will be more than just a bedroom, as well as that environment where you will feel good for moments of rest.

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