After all, is it worth living in republics? Advantages and disadvantages

  • The long-awaited phase of the university has finally arrived! For many young people it means freedom, the beginning of adulthood and new experiences. Despite this mixture of feelings occupying the students' thoughts, it is necessary to have a “head in place” to decide important aspects of university life. One is housing . Many are in doubt as to whether it is worth living in republics.

    In this article, we will help you make that decision. We will also show you how this model of residence works and what its positive and negative points are. Come on!

    How do republics work?

    Just a curiosity, did you know that the first university republic was created at the famous University of Coimbra, in Portugal? This model of student residence has worked so well that even today the locations close to the universities are full of properties that house students.

    Republics are usually apartments or houses with very spacious rooms and several rooms. The groups of students who rent these houses can be from the same course or university.

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    As a comparison, living in republics would be like living in a city with rules of coexistence. There are also other organizational details, such as the division of expenses, apportionment of monthly bills and schedules for internal tasks. Of course, not every republic follows this pattern of coexistence, but there will always be some rules agreed upon and followed by students.

    What are the pros and cons of living in the republic?

    Many fondly remember the years they spent in a republic, while others do not feel the same emotion. Adapting to this type of housing depends on the personality of each one. But, in order not to get frustrated, it is better to know the positive and negative aspects of living in the republic well. Let's see what they are.



    Undoubtedly the economy is one of the biggest benefits. After all, paying the rent for an apartment or house alone is not for everyone's pocket , especially when you are a university student. With this rental rate , students are able to live closer to college or in central areas of the city. In this way, they combine good location at an affordable price.

    Another aspect that generates savings is the division of fixed expenses (water, electricity, internet and food). For republics located inside condominiums, the cost of the condominium fee is also shared.

    Personal maturation

    The contact with people of different personality, creation and culture helps the student to mature as a person. If before, the stewardship of your parents' house prevented you from experiencing some challenges, living in a republic you will learn to deal with and overcome the obstacles of adult life.

    Therefore, you will need to take care of yourself, organize your finances, be committed to schedules, responsibilities and also adapt to other residents in order to have a good internal coexistence.

    New friendships

    It is very important to learn from other people's stories. Each has a different outlook on life or has experienced situations that teach us how to act on personal problems. Living in a republic favors this type of experience.

    It is not uncommon to build great friendships after long periods of conversation and sharing emotions. In fact, some lifelong friendships started in these homes. Whoever is in the university trajectory has a lot in common that can be divided into several moments within the republic.

    Emotional support

    Staying away from the family is not easy. And it becomes even more complicated when you are a young man who has never experienced life far from your home, sweet home. Many students develop emotional illnesses, such as depression and morbid anxiety. However, some feel better when they have the company of friends or colleagues from the university.

    This is possible when living in a republic, since the rooms are shared and the other rooms are also shared. That way, the student will never be alone. And, if you miss your family, you can talk to someone who lives in the residence and have emotional support.

    Study aid

    While it is not guaranteed that all residents are attending the same college or period, the republic can be an extension of the university. For this, study groups of similar subjects are formed in different courses such as Portuguese and mathematics. This exchange of knowledge favors new students and recycles veterans' learning.


    Little privacy

    There are people who like to have privacy. Even those who don't care much about it need to be alone to rest, study or just sleep at times. However, in a republic, privacy is a “luxury item”, because everything is shared. Therefore, you will hardly be free to be at ease.


    Unfortunately, the concept of cleanliness and organization differs from one person to another. Some give up all the good customs they have learned at home and make no effort to keep things clean and in place. As they are in the same environment, organized and clean students suffer from it.

    Absence of coziness

    As much as you make friends in the republic, you cannot count on the same warmth and comfort that the family environment offers. Therefore, there will be times when you will miss having a place to "call yours" or the warmth and affection of your family's home.

    Unwanted visits

    Another disadvantage is receiving visitors from people you don't even know. This happens very often, as your fellow Republicans have friends, family, and romantic relationships. It gets worse when visitors stay for a long time in the room you share with your colleague.

    Events & Events

    An environment full of young people is synonymous with partying and lots of partying. Not everyone likes this, but living in a republic there is no option but to accept the constant events with lots of dancing and loud music.

    Anyway, when evaluating the possibility of spending the university years in a republic, think about your own lifestyle. If you notice that you would adapt well to this type of housing, you will certainly focus on the advantages and keep positive memories for the future.

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