Real estate agents and brokers: the importance of issuing invoices

  • Every company when selling or buying a product must issue or receive an invoice. This note is a receipt that proves the transaction made between one legal entity and another or between a legal entity and a physical person. But how do real estate agents, who deal with real estate, get into this? What are the invoices issued by a real estate agent? The invoice is a receipt used to recognize a transfer. This means that when you buy something, the guarantee that the product purchased is yours, is the invoice. The invoice is not unique, it has some types, such as the consumer invoice and the service invoice. They are usually found in their electronic versions. Since it has more advantages, it is the most used in the country, in most states. Among its advantages are the reduction of expenses with printing and storage. In addition, it also facilitates the fact that it can be accessed by the consumer online. With just an electronic equipment connected to the internet and ready, the consultation can be carried out.

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    Invoices issued by real estate agents

    The difference with the notes issued to real estate agents is that the real estate agent does not sell or buy a product, but a property. What happens is that a property has its own record, the deed. When a property is purchased, the name of the person who bought it appears in the deed. And when it is sold this document must be passed on to the next owner. So the real estate does not issue any notes? Yes, it does! Despite not selling a product that needs its own invoice, the real estate company must issue the service invoice. That's because, it performs the provision of a service. This also happens, because when someone searches for a real estate agency to perform a service, they charge a certain amount of commission. This means that if the service charged was not provided, she would not need to issue this note. This note must be issued both by real estate agents with CNPJ and by independent professionals. Therefore, because it is the guarantee that the service was provided. But, before all this, it is necessary to analyze if your real estate agent should and can issue the NFS-e. For example, whoever only sells a subdivision, house, or other, does not have an invoice, as well as who receives only rent. Those who carry out the intermediation of the sale or lease, the administration of rent or construction with the use of material and sale and without the use of material and sale, can or should issue the service invoice.

    How Service Invoice, NFS-e works

    The main function of the electronic service invoice, the NFS-e, is to document the provision of a service. Just as the electronic invoice and electronic consumer invoice have documented the products and data of the products that were sold, the electronic service invoice has documented the service that was provided. It is a bill controlled by the city hall, not by SEFAZ, like the other invoices. This makes it unique for each municipality, since it stipulates its own rules. Which, in a way, can make it difficult to issue, but with an NFS-e issuing system, issuing it becomes easier.

    How to issue the Service Invoice

    First, it is necessary to define whether your company should issue the service invoice, as specified previously. After, it is necessary to understand that the NFS-e is emitted from an emitting system. Some city halls may even make this system available, but the vast majority do not. Therefore, it is necessary to look for another one that performs this function, such as eGestor, for example. In addition, one of the documents required to issue the service invoice is the digital certificate. It can be model A1 or A3, A1 being a digital document and the A3 being a token or card. The certificate is used for the issuance of any invoice, since it is like an identity that guarantees the authenticity of the information. And, in addition, it is necessary that the system has its data, such as CNPJ, address including zip code and city and municipal registration.

    Advantages of issuing NFS-e in real estate

    The first advantage that can be mentioned is that the note is online. This means that there is no longer any spending on printing and storage, as with coupons. Also because it is online, the XML of the note, the digital version of tax bookkeeping, can be sent by e-mail. Another advantage is that using an issuing system, it will not be necessary to calculate taxes such as ISS, since the issuing system already does so. Furthermore, when a company can issue the note and does so, it means that it complies with the rules imposed by the tax authorities. What makes you know how the tax situation of your company is going. Another benefit is that when using the electronic service invoice, you have data related to taxes and thus, you can have better control of your financial. Also, with an issuing system, it is not necessary to know the rules for issuing the electronic service invoice. The system itself issues the bill in accordance with the municipality's legislation, in addition to guaranteeing you control over several other things, such as financial control and production control. For example. In addition, the issuance of invoices ensures that the legislation applies to the company. Failure to issue invoices by companies that must do so. Otherwise, it can lead to punishment with fines and loss of certain guarantees. One of the guarantees that can be lost is in relation to the product warranty. Because once the sale has not been proven, the company responsible for the product cannot make it. Final considerations To keep a company legal, it is necessary to pay attention to some tax data. If your real estate do not issue invoices, she may be missing out on some opportunities and advantages. In addition, by not issuing the necessary invoice, it may be in default. So stay tuned to all your real estate data!

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