What is the role and importance of a realtor for the real estate market

  • The work of a real estate agent is essential for the market and society to be fully functioning. Knowing and understanding its importance will give you a much more conscious and organized job. Probably the job of a realtor must already be familiar to you. The real estate market is full of brokers that move and facilitate the sale and rental of properties. In fact, this is an essential function for the structure of a society to be maintained. The purchase of a property is a decisive situation in the life of an individual. A broker's work certainly does not go unnoticed. The purpose here is to dissect this importance and explain a little more about how a good real estate agent works. First of all, we need to be aware of how the real estate market is doing. The political and economic context of a country can influence the processes of buying and renting real estate. This can make a broker's job much more difficult, or even visibly uncomplicated.

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    What is it like to be a real estate agent nowadays in Brazil?

    The real estate market, between the years 2015 and 2016, experienced a sharp and difficult drop in sales. With a long recovery in 2017, the promises were that the political and economic transition that the country has been undergoing, would allow the real estate agent to breathe more easily. COFECI, the Federal Council of Realtors in Brazil, published a legislative agenda at the beginning of last year with some comments and forecasts for the year 2018. According to the Council, there was a decrease in inventories by construction companies, in addition to a more open. Meanwhile, the revision of Brazilian GDP growth and the fall in unemployment and interest rates also helped in the recovery of the property market. This part of the economy is one of the last to stabilize. Consumers invest in small and medium-sized products before investing their finances in real estate purchases and rentals. The security that the economy promises for the coming years promotes and also allows us to affirm greater market stability.

    What are the activities of a real estate agent?

    A realtor needs to understand and discover his limits. As well as your professional reach. The opening of the market for economic development and increases in property sales rates are external factors that can influence, but not define, your work. According to Law No. 6,530 of May 12, 1978, on the new regulation of the profession of real estate broker: this professional is responsible for exercising the intermediation in the purchase, sale, exchange and rental of real estate, and may also give an opinion on the commercialization real estate. To perform such an activity, the real estate agent must hold the title of Technician in Real Estate Transactions or some other related certificate. Except for the Federal Council, there are other regional institutions that organize and govern Brazilian real estate brokers. These organizations are called CRECI, the Regional Council of Realtors. In addition to managing the process of selling, buying and renting real estate, the broker can and should be responsible for the following activities.

    Watch over and understand the qualities and conditions of the properties sold

    Certainly, it is important for a realtor to be aware of all the material and urban quality of the property being sold. It will be he who will make direct contact with the customer. As well as informing the benefits and disadvantages of living in a certain location. In addition, if the client wants to sell the property and is having difficulty, the broker will also be able to talk and point out some improvements that can be made.

    Develop a solid and influential network

    In fact, the realtor needs to be in constant contact with his client list. As well as with potential leads and new buyers. It is important to have social networks, communication platforms, a blog, innovative and differentiated content. All of these factors will directly affect the final sales result. Communication and the exchange of content with quality and depth will increase your sales and also the customer's confidence in your work. More contacts, more sales and, consequently, more influence in the market.

    Be aware of the documentation and legislation of the real estate

    First of all, the real estate agent needs to be up to date and properly registered with the CRECI of your region. Likewise, also know the real estate legislation. In addition to being aware of the certificates and contracts necessary to carry out the transactions. There are a number of documents that are essential for the completion of a purchase, sale or rental of the property. Forgetting any of these documents means delaying or invalidating the negotiation.

    Manage and organize after-sales processes

    After the end of the negotiation, if your business has been recurring, you will need to manage the documents and payments for the property. The rent will be passed on to your real estate agent and you will be responsible for paying the bills and passing it on to the tenant. If your business has been selling a property, it is important that you keep in touch - even if it is more distant - to keep it on your card.

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