Adding subtitle offset/sync in Android app

  • Hey guys, just bought the lifetime premium after literally 5 minutes of using your app, it's so awesome you deserve all the moneyz!
    Listen, I wanted to request an option to subtitle offset from the Android app, since my PC is in another room now that I'm casting Cosmos to my TV the subtitle is not synced, and I have to go back to my room, offset it and yell at the person in front of the TV to confirm when the subs are synced :D

  • Couldn't agree more. I too feel its absolutely necessary, in my case not only the computer is not in the same room - its not even on the same floor..

    Is there any plans to add this feature? this is the main and big feature I wish the app would have - if it would have this feature i know i would definitely purchase the premium version.


  • Hi guys, +1 here. After i discovered how awesome videostream is, i was actually quite like "WTF" when i realized subs can be only offset on my PC...
    Devs pretty please with extra sugar and cherry on the top! :)

  • +1 for this

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