Google Collects Data to Make Profile for Targeted Marketing

  • Google Collects Data to Make Profile for Targeted Marketing

    It is true that the access to the internet is helping students in a great way – they can find resources to write assignments, enjoy online tutoring facilities, and even buy essays ( with utmost ease. However, cyber privacy consultants have recently warned that the internet giants like Google is now using data generated on computers in Australian schools for targeted advertising.

    Jeff Gould, a cyber privacy consultant, has said that even though free software services seem quite attractive, but they may have certain privacy implications for schools. Some of the software solutions are designed to read the student's emails to build profiles, but unfortunately, both parents and teachers don't understand it at all. The interesting thing is that the software is quite intelligent, and has the power and potential to determine exactly what your intentions are when you write a particular email – it can also identify what you may have some interest in.

    A prime example of one such software is the suite of education-specific Google has recently developed. Google Apps for Education is a software suite more than 30 million people use around the world. However, the good thing is that after all the controversy surrounding the idea of using software solutions in classrooms, Google has decided to turn off advertisements, especially on its education software. On the other side, the concern still stays because the software continues to scan data.

    The experts believe that Google still uses software to collect data to make profiles, and not just use it to analyse data. After all, why a commercial for-profit company would do anything that wouldn't benefit them in any way. The issue is not just that Google collects data, but it is also about the quality of ads – some of these ads can be about running shoes, but others are about fast food, drugs, gambling.


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