Missing (common) features that we should have by now.

  • Hi,

    Let's start off by saying that while I own the premium and am enjoying Videostream, it is still missing few of the most common features and lacking in some of the most basic things which define a good user experience. I kept my list small and only address the most infuriating issues in hopes for future patches. Here goes nothing:

    1. In mobile after I am finished playing media and click back arrow or back button (android), i am taken to the main listing instead of the folder i was at. I have to navigate all the way back to the correct folder and scroll all the way to the next video. It seems like you are not pushing the history state correctly?

    2. There should be an option to automatically play the next video in a folder instead of making playlists. After a few videos the player should ask if i want to keep playing since chances are i felt a sleep :)

    3. If it is too complicated to play folders then at least I should be able to create playlists out of folders with a single click of a button, instead of clicking through multiple menus, naming and selecting media.

    That's it! That's all! Basically just two infuriating yet so simple things that make me hope for an alternative.

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