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  • Would love to have the ability to run videostream without bogging down the cpu with the full chrome process. Not sure how it would be possible, but im sure there is a way.

  • You can turn off various extentions and that in the chrome task manager (shift+esc).
    However I do believe videostream requires a bit of your cpu to do the transcoding, so it won't be that of an effortless strain on your computer. But turning off extentions might help.

  • would love to hear from the devs about this, does videostream actually transcode? i was under the impression that all the 264 encoded videos "Direct Play" well at least mp4. Is this not the case?

    also, unrelated, can I use a custom font for subs by replacing one of the ones inside here: \Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl\\fonts ?

  • @isaacchristie We totally do transcode! Any track that the Chromecast cannot decode, we will transcode. So if it's just the audio that is incompatible, we WILL NOT transcode video and kill your CPU.

    If your CPU is going nutso with Videostream, it's because we have to transcode the video and it's of ridiculous high quality. :-P

    My personal rule of thumb, most likely to not need to transcode: MP4, x264, no greater than 720p.

    As for custom fonts, we currently render internal SSA subtitles with their correct fonts but do not have a way to set a custom font for external subtitles. Consider this on the features-to-build-at-some-point list, this is the first time someone has suggested it to my knowledge. :-P

  • @grahamkennery How bout a 4.5GB mkv at 1080p avg bitrate of 5K, does this get transcoded down to 720p? And if so, can I adjust this for best or better quality? Because I do have good network bandwidth available (wireless N with actual 70Mbps consistently) I've measure this speed by copying a large file from my laptop (connected on the 5GHz) to another laptop on the 2.4GHz. It copied at about 8MBs/sec
    Now its clear why network bandwidth usage was pretty low.

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    It should keep 1080p. However I don't think it can play 4k video and such /shrugs
    You can however pick 720p if you want.

  • @Lommelun i didnt make myself clear i guess, when i said 5K i was talking about the bitrate and not "4K" video as in "UHD" (Ultra High-Def)

  • @isaacchristie Yes, I understood that. I was saying that it probably can't play higher than 1080p. But it shouldn't make 1080p > 720p unless you specify.

  • I believe our force-transcode bitrate cap is 15 Mbps for the video.

    We'll also transcode any versions of x264 that the Chromecast cannot decode. A little more info can be found here:

  • @grahamkennery so as long as the x264 profile is 4.1 / 4.2 / 5 and the bitrate is less than 15Mbps -> no transcoding? (ofcourse this assumes the audio format is supported)

  • @isaacchristie That's correct! HIGH 4.1, 4.2, 5.0

  • @acidhax thx

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