What educational videos can you watch about physical phenomena in nature?

  • Everything that nature or man has created, scientists call physical bodies. Bodies change over time. For example, a mighty oak grows from a small acorn. A carpenter produces furniture from its trunk. A potter makes dishes from clay. The mountains are destroyed under the influence of wind, water and sun rays. Water vapor in the air returns to the ground in the form of rain and snow. And there are many such examples. The force applied perpendicular to the surface of the body, under the action of which the body is deformed, is called the pressure force. Any force can act as a pressure force.

    The changes taking place in bodies are called phenomena. Distinguish between biological, physical, chemical and some other phenomena. Biological phenomena include phenomena in wildlife, for example, caring for newborn babies, the arrival of birds in the spring, the union of wolves in a flock, reproduction, growth and development of organisms. Plant growth is an example of a biological phenomenon Physical phenomena are characterized by changes in the state of aggregation of matter, the size and shape of the body, the position of bodies relative to each other. In this case, new substances are not formed. Physical phenomena The transformation of water into ice and its evaporation, making a monument from granite, grinding sugar into powdered sugar are all examples of physical phenomena. They are very different, but at the same time not a single substance was destroyed and new substances were not formed.

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    Unlike physical phenomena, chemical phenomena transform some substances into others. For example, firewood in a fire turned into a heap of ash, rust formed on an iron chain, sunflower oil was turned into margarine. In nature, some phenomena are accompanied by others. For example, the growth of an organism is a biological phenomenon. However, it is accompanied by a physical phenomenon - an increase in the linear dimensions of the body. In order to grow, organisms must feed, which means that during growth, chemical phenomena occur in organisms. Another example: the chemical phenomenon of combustion is accompanied by the release of light and heat, which are physical phenomena.

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