AC3 Passthrough and Preserve Multichannel Audio

  • Videostream should have two options:

    • AC3 Passthrough
    • Preserve Multichannel Audio

    in the way that BubbleUPnP does.

    When I plug Chromecast to an old TV that doesn't support AC3 decoding I disable the these 2 options. When I plug Chromecast to my new TV that does support AC3 passthrough I keep em checked. Using BubbleUPnP of course.

    Currently I am using BubbleUPnP Server, despite that Videostream is lighting fast and light on resources because it has the function of preserving multichannel audio on demand. Videostream transcodes everything to Stereo even if the receiver support AC3 passthrough.

    Not having the ability to passthrough multichannel audio (on demand) is a major limitation of Videostream, it has kept me from using it completely. Should Videostream had these functions, it would be a major value point along with it's other virtues (namely lighting fast and light on resources).

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