How to Best Drive Safely in UAE?

  • It's essential to make sure your SIM is legal. Keep in mind that the rules use for foreign licenses in Dubai are different and depend on whether you are only driving tourists in, Abu Dhabi or residents. If you are a tourist, a rental agent will ask you to show your international SIM in Dubai. If you are a UAE population, you must get the appropriate best safe driver UAE driving permission.

    Payment and Fine Parking Tickets:
    If you break the parking rules, your car can be withdrawn. To find out the location, call 999. However, you can restore your vehicle only after paying 50-75 AED (Arabic Emirates Dirham). All parking lots in, Abu Dhabi are paid (2 AED per hour). After entering, the driver gets a payment ticket. When coming out of the parking area, he must show it and pay for the parking lot's time.
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  • @safedriver51 Better to hire a safe driver in Dubai. There are so many situations why you need to hire a professional driver in Dubai. If you are not in good condition to drive your car, then you can hire a safe driver who can drop you safely especially when you’re under influence. Here are some risks that may cause to hire a safe driver;

    speeding risk: This is one of the main reason that you should hire a safe driver in Dubai. If anyone under influence then miscalculated between speed, distance, and similar other things while driving. And that’s what put their life at risk because of over speeding on the road.
    Lack of focus: When your mind is under influence of alcohol, some kind of drugs, or medication, you lose your focus and you will encountering a car accident. Because driving a car demands more focus and proper attention on the road. So, whenever you’re in such a condition, you need to hire a professional chauffeur who can drive you home in your car and minimize the risk of an accident.
    Poor reaction time: Never drive if you’re under the influence of anything and can’t walk properly. Then you must hire RTA approved safe driver Dubai who can drop you safely at your desired destination. ​Because a normal person has poor reaction time in critical situations like car accidents.
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  • Do you know what are the key characteristics that you must look into a Dubai safe driver???

    1. Patience is the most essential quality for a safe driver Dubai who is feeling exhaustion because of traffic jams. You must keep your mind cool while driving on Dubai’s roads.

    2. Responsibility is also one of the best quality needed for a driver. Because we can’t depend on someone who is not responsible to perform his duties. If you hire an irresponsible driver, you’ll end up submitting multiple complaints to the service provider.

    3.If you’re opting for a professional driver to manage your traveling preferences during the trip, you must hire one that is fully trained by the company. A trained driver is one who is aware about roadside safety measurements and various other qualities.

    1. A perfect driver is one who is responsible enough to carry out his professional as well as moral duties, that means he should be a strict follower of the law.

    2. While you select safe driver, you must hire an experienced driver who has been driving on Dubai’s roads for many years. Hiring an experienced driver can guarantee that you’ll find a better solution for every problem that occurs during the journey.

    3. Being caring is a positive quality that can strengthen the relationship but here, it is referred to as the care of the vehicle. The vehicle and driver two important parts that collectively form the service and if the driver shows carelessness in vehicle’s care, he’s not the correct Dubai safe driver that you’re planning to hire.

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