How to Best Drive Safely in UAE?

  • It's essential to make sure your SIM is legal. Keep in mind that the rules use for foreign licenses in Dubai are different and depend on whether you are only driving tourists in, Abu Dhabi or residents. If you are a tourist, a rental agent will ask you to show your international SIM in Dubai. If you are a UAE population, you must get the appropriate best safe driver UAE driving permission.

    Payment and Fine Parking Tickets:
    If you break the parking rules, your car can be withdrawn. To find out the location, call 999. However, you can restore your vehicle only after paying 50-75 AED (Arabic Emirates Dirham). All parking lots in, Abu Dhabi are paid (2 AED per hour). After entering, the driver gets a payment ticket. When coming out of the parking area, he must show it and pay for the parking lot's time.
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