The phone app should have an option to sort that maintains the folder/file structure of your videos.

  • I Love the app, but have a lot of TV series and when you try to find a movie you get chaos from a bunch of "s1e2" and the like. I'd like to be able to view my videos in their existing folder tree structure, it would make finding things on my phone much easier

  • For me it looks already pretty organised, see the screenshots attached. In addition, you could also use the search functionality I guess...

    How is it currently displaying for you?
    EDIT: Sorry about the size of the images, cannot seem to figure out how to adjust it :)

    Screenshot_20160113-145534.png Screenshot_20160113-145506.png

  • I suggested this a long while ago here:

    I have a VERY Large media library and i would really appreciate another screen (?) that could break up what it shows / syncs for example:

    Home screen could be: Movies | TV | Music

    Selecting one of those would direct the app to the appropriately "tagged" library folder.

    Which would show only Movies | TV | Music (as selected)

    The current organization and display of the files / folders is great....

    Except when you have a large media library to look through (I know you have search feature... but the syncing ...whew!)

    I have actually removed my movies folders from VS because it is too annoying.

    My 2 cents.

    Cheers guys! Great Work!

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