sunflower oil manufacturer in ukraine

  • I'm trying to find a good producer of sunflower oil in Ukraine, but I can't do it very well. It turns out a lot of intermediaries or some small production. And I am interested in large-scale production, so that it would be possible to buy large volumes of sunflower oil to Europe. If there is a delivery, then it is generally good. Who can you recommend?

  • In the south of Ukraine, in the Kherson region, there are production facilities of the company "Kaissa".
    Best and reliable sunflower oil manufacturer in ukraine
    It provides our country and other countries with sunflower oil. This is the largest company, leading in the market of agricultural products, it knows all the requirements of customers, uses only safe production technologies. In relation to its partners and customers, Kaissa maintains a policy of openness and accessibility. It has united three modern plants, each of them involved in the process of manufacturing, cleaning, packaging of vegetable oil and related products. Each of the plants has its own unique specialization: "Verkhneserogozsky MPZ" is engaged in the extraction of natural oil from sunflower seeds; LLC "Sunlight" provides oil bottling in modern plastic containers; the plant for refining and deodorization of TOV "VVVV" produces refined refined oil. The task of the entire production cycle is the uninterrupted supply of high-quality sunflower oil to domestic and foreign customers.
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