Preparing for school

  • Hi guys. I am looking for your friendly advice. My son is three now. I suppose it is already time to start school preparation, step by step. What should I do to avoid school problems in the future?

  • Are you going to educate him independently? If you have time and energy for that, it is great! Unfortunately, I can't afford that. That's why I put my son in a children's care Brooklyn I don't have any other experience. But I am sure I can truly recommend this place to everyone. If you want your son to be well educated and absolutely prepared for his school, you need to put him there! This preschool has a significant educational program for kids. It is divided into four courses according to age. So, kids learn new things day by day. And I see the progress!

  • Cuemath offers both online and home math learning options for those with a passion for teaching math. The home-based learning model is designed for children from grades 1 to 6, and online-for high school students (grades 7 to 10). Currently, the online course is also offered to those living abroad through live one-on-one sessions. The advantage of online learning is to provide instant feedback, instant error recognition, and improved learning outcomes.

    To take on this role, you must be well versed in mathematical ideas and concepts, and know how to handle teenage students. Consequently, teachers for this program are recruited only after careful training and evaluation to ensure quality performance. This is a brilliant opportunity for women looking for an online teaching job.

  • Training with good specialists costs good money. However, when I bought on for my daughter, courses in biology and physics, I was not interested in the question of money. It is important to note that there are many ways in which online learning (and tutoring in particular) can be effective. Sometimes a quick paragraph explaining how to approach the problem, or a link to the correct video is all the student needs. In other cases, a 2-hour face-to-face lesson may be required.

  • I think you need to prepare him for how you can save time and get the same knowledge when doing homework.

  • Excellent advice, I myself showed my son that there are ready-made homework help answers so that he spies and really remembers important nuances for himself. You know how it happens, short-term memory remembers reading a paragraph for only a few weeks, then a month later you will remember only important theses.

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