Think about what the teacher is asking for

  • We've all been there: a paper is due in a few days or a few hours, and you haven't given much thought to the first word, let alone the first page. You're scrambling for ideas, and nothing has come to mind. Now you're in a panic.
    Although this last-minute scenario is less than ideal, believe it or not, there's a way to work your way through this quagmire. So, grab a coffee from Starbucks, and get cracking with these five tips:

    1. Think about what the teacher is asking for
      Your teacher may give you a range of topics to choose from for your paper. In addition to these topics, he or she may also ask you to develop an opinion on your chosen topic, and to defend it to the best of your ability. For example, if you were asked to help me write a essay about how the concept of childhood is viewed in the J.M. Barrie classic "Peter Pan," you should think about the characterization of the Darling children and their home, and compare and contrast that to Peter Pan and Captain Hook, respectively. If the question is more direct, such as, "What actively sets Peter Pan apart from Captain Hook? What makes them similar?" be sure to take all factors into account to make your argument strong and complete.

    2. Keep it simple
      Let's be honest: you don't have time at this point to sound like an academic. Keep your sentences simple and straightforward. Don't try to write long-winded sentences, otherwise you'll risk when you search where can i get someone to write my essay run-on sentences in your desperate desire to sound like a researcher who spent years developing a thesis. Remember: it's about quality, not quantity. Obviously, your paper has to have a certain number of pages, but it's best to fill up those pages with paragraphs that go straight to the point of your argument instead of writing a book full of unnecessary fluff.


    1. Utilize the Internet
      Like most academic writings, you will need some research to help support your argument. If you have to use a textbook, make sure you highlight the most valuable pieces of information, and make notations to refer back to later. For those papers that require more extensive research, another useful tool is the Internet. While Google can be a time- and life-saver, keep in mind that everything online isn't as valid as it may appear. Narrow your sources down to academic publications. Though you might be short on time, you will never be short on resources to support your short-notice paper.

    2. Write an outline
      Once you've constructed a thesis and have all your research materials at hand, you'll be able to construct the scaffolding of your paper with an outline. In the section designated for your introduction, you can write an essay for me so that you'll have an idea on how to introduce your topic when you actually write your paper. In the sections for your body paragraphs, you can list the points that you seek to illustrate, as well as the page numbers from your resources that will help you support them. It's as easy as building a tower of LEGOs: you start with a foundation, and from there you can only build upward, picking whatever necessary patterns you need along the way.

    3. Get writing
      Now you are ready to write essay for me you've put off for the longest time! You've got your research materials, along with a completed outline full of the information you intend to use. Now all you need to do is place those hands upon that keyboard and start typing out an "A" paper. Be sure to watch for spelling and grammar mistakes as you write, and proofread your work at the end. What are you waiting for? Get writing! And afterward, try to get what little sleep you can.

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