Route Audio to PC or Android

  • Hello,

    Your app is the top one in it's category IMO. Kudos!

    The only missing feature is to have the option of choosing the device that outputs the audio while playing the video on TV
    In other words, it is missing the option of playing a video on Chromcast, while the audio is outputted from the PC or Smartphone.

    This feature is available on LocalCast and works flawlessly. It's called Route Audio.
    I use Videostream 90% of the time. However, every time I want to play a video on my TV and have the audio on the smartphone, I am forced to use LocalCast.

    On LocalCast, they added the option to adjust the delay of the audio in case it turned out to be out of sync. So with a couple taps the audio is in sync and I can listen on my headphones.

    I searched around and found out that many people have asked about this feature in forums/reddit and how they can stream video and have audio come out of their PC. LocalCast can only do it on smartphones, yet it is the app that everyone is recommending for the inquirers to do the same but on Android.


  • The headphone idea is brilliant. I support this. Many times there's distractions or I could cause one. Headphones would get around this.

  • I would love to have this feature as well. Would work great for morning runs on the treadmill without having to turn the volume up and wake up others or use a different app (like localcast).

  • The biggest problem with his is lag. Due to network latency and buffering, when the laptop sends out the video and that video actually gets played back on the screen is a delay of hundreds of /ms to even whole seconds. Go ahead and cast a tab... now play a movie in that tab or select a block of text and time how long it takes before your tv shos the result.

    Now try and synch an audio stream on the pc side with the video stream showing on your tv. Doesn't work to well.

  • @xbiggyl i agree, the localcast implementation of this feature works pretty well, hope the videostream guys put this on the list.

  • Is there any plan to implement such a feature? I mean the request was 7 months ago ;)
    I would love it.

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