Can we please get an option to adjust (or disable) the amount of time a video is paused before videostream kills it?

  • Sometimes, I have to pause a video I'm watching to go do something else. After some amount of time (not sure what it is but it's not all that long) Videostream decides it's been paused long enough and kills the stream. This is especially annoying because then I come back to continue watching and I have to not only open the video and re-cast it, but I also have to find my place in the video since it just starts at the beginning. I would love to be able to disable this or at least adjust the timeout to something longer like an hour or so.

  • I agree! I believe this was not happening a few months ago, but now it's a really annoying behaviour. Is it a chromecast issue or could we havea setting to change/remove it?

  • I'm almost positive this is a videostream specific setting and not a chromecast issue. I've left other things paused for much longer on chromecast and they still remain exactly how I left them

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