Find Music Files/Subtitles in VOB

  • Loving the experience with Videostream so far. Great work! Will happily buy premium but all is not perfect for me just yet. I have an extensive DVD collection which has been backed up to my HDD. Videostream sees the files and plays them without a problem. The issue is I want to turn on the subtitles. As they (SUBS) are embedded in the VOB files Videostream says it does not recognize the format. The files display the subs in VLC player etc. so they are working properly. Would you consider adding support for this?

    Videostream has played all the MP3s and WAV files I have tried to cast. However, as far as I can tell music files have to be added manually from the PC client using "Add Video." I have many music files stored in my synced folders and want to be able to navigate through them as well with my android tablet/phone. Is there a way to make the music files visible, so I don't have to manually open them up from the chrome client?

    I love the player UI on both android and Chrome app. It is clean and modern looking. I just wonder if it would be at all possible to add another layer of organization/category/location tag-filters etc to the android app file browser? Only the target file folder is maintained but not the main folder which contains it. This is fine if I actually can remember all the names of all the movies/music I have but is cumbersome when I want to search by year, genre, folder location etc or however else I have them organized on my PC.

    I have used many chromecast apps and I have to say I am the most impressed with Videostream. It is clean, easy and just works! Thanks!
    Will be spreading the word!

  • @Justin This is an awesome combo request. I defo support it!!. Maybe it's too much processing for a Chrome addin though? I don't know... Love the Music bit too!

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