[OPTION] Auto-load default subtitles

  • Add an option to automatically load the subtitle set as default.
    Additionally: Set prefered subtitle language order prioritation.

    Example; eng,nor,jap
    Will prioritize english over norwegian over japanese over default over anything else.

  • If we could load automatically the subtitle with the same name of the movie file would be great! I always had to load the subtitle, and now after the last update, after load it I still have to select it on a list.

    Thanks, and sorry Lommelun to use your post, just to not create another one with a similar subject.


  • Pro-tip: We're working on auto-selecting appropriate subtitles and there's tiny shortcut you can use right now to make it a little better:

    When selecting files (playlist or not), select the subtitles WITH THE VIDEO AT THE SAME TIME. We will match up the subtitle and it'll be inside the dropdown menu when the movie loads. (The next step is auto-selecting, we're working on it, promise :-D )

  • Fantastic!

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